Product Code : APLD
Price : र 4200.00
Size(L*W*H) : cm
Weight : gm
Quantity :

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1, One sensitivity (SEN) control knob on the right hand side of the unit to control the sensitivity. Base on different skin to adjust it. 2, An intensity (INT) and ON/OFF control knob on the left hand side of the unit to control the intensity of the output through the metal probe electrode, which is located at the front tip of the unit. 3, A push type button on the front top of the unit. Press this button to activate the stimulation mode. A continuous electric pulse of 1 to 16 Hz (adjustable) is emitted through the metal probe. 4, Frequency adjustment dial, located under the sensitivity (SEN) control knob, to adjust the frequency of stimulation from 1 Hz to 16 Hz. 5, The digital Display Screen is located on the rear top side of the unit. It features numerical display (0 to 500) to remind user if find the acupoint or not . the larger number is mean more closer the acupoint. 6, There is a green pilot lamp on top of the unit, next to the push type button(LOC/STIM). This will continue light up when find the acupoint or stimulation mode is in action. 7, Two ground plates, one located at the front left hand side, and the other one underneath the unit, allow the user to hold the unit and touch the ground plate(s) easily in closing the circuit for point detection or stimulation. 8, There is one jack on the bottom side of the unit. This is for connecting the electro pad * Output Intensity: 0 to 10 mA * Output Intensity Control: ON / OFF, 0 to 10 * Power Supply: 9 volt battery * Sensitivity Adjust Control: 0 to 10 * Frequency Control: 1 to 16 Hz * Large LCD Digital Display: Frequency / Sensitivity Indicator * Indicator Lamp: Pulse Rate Indicator cont : ACUPRESSURE HEALTH CARE MART 9, Surya Aprt, V.P. Road, Opp, Nadco Andheri (w) Mumbai -58 Web : www.acuindia.com.

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