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Product Code : AEN
Price : र 300.00
Size(L*W*H) : cm
Weight : gm
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Package Included: 1 x 60pcs Disposable Ear Press Seeds Acupuncture Vaccaria Plaster Bean Massage Description Usage: it is already finished product , can be directly used , tear off tape direct stickers in ear acupoint can work , convenient and safe . please often press the stickers after you stick it, enhance acupoint stimulating . so you have better effect . please take note , stickers on after no won't there is applying effect . general once a feel the ears to applying redder swelling ( about 30 seconds) 1 . firstly , alcohol disinfection ear stickers on semen vaccariae , applying when ears acid , hemp , , pain regurgitation , such as without such feeling , can put beads up and down , left or right mobile slightly , find sensitive spots , applying again fitted , thereby stimulus channel acupoint , the treatment effect . 2 . ear acupoint will pastes in point of care on , first do every time side ear , a regular modest forcibly to stimulate acupuncture points applying , about other 3 days after the side of the ear continue pressure , alternate use , to 3 - 7 acourse day , least 3 treatment more than the limit , must be rest for a week .