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IASTM Gua Sha Massage Tool

Product Code : IAGM
Price : र 2500.00
Size(L*W*H) : cm
Weight : gm
Quantity :

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Gua Sha Massage technique benefits in an instant, as you will immediately be relieved from muscle pain, chronic back, shoulder or neck pain. By activating trigger points, the gua sha tools can work some magic and ease digestive disorders, dizziness and other ailments. Once done, you’ll automatically start to feel blood circulation in that particular area, with a soothing sensation. These techniques decrease overall time of healing. They reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication.

This Soft Tissue Mobilisation Tool is developed by Health And Yoga to assist in effective treatment of adhesion and scarring brought on by surgeries, injuries, bad posture or overuse of muscles.

Boomerang Gua Sha Tool , is long and narrow in size and especially good for use on calves, feet , and arms. It can be held with both hands to exert pressure on the calves, thighs, calves and the feet. It can be used on any body part.
Boomerang Gua Sha Tool measures 7.5 inch X 0.75 inch and weighs 150 grams.
These can be easily stored and carried.
They are extremely durable and provide good grip because of its contours.

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