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Hijama Lencet Pen

Product Code : HLP
Price : र 1550.00
Size(L*W*H) : cm
Weight : gm
Quantity :

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Painless Triple-Pin Lancets Device Pen Painless Triple Lancing Device This is a quick and simple lancing device with three lancet placements. Specifically designed for painless and convenient pricking, this device offers instant and painless result while saving treatment time. Made of duralumin, it is lightweight yet durable. This is a great addition to any wet cupping therapies. ? Descriptions: * Product name: 3-Pin Lancet Pen Device * Quantity: 1(pcs) * Color: Silver, Gold * Material: Stainless steel * Weight: approx 40(g) * Professional and excellent for cupping therapy, * Pricking with 3-pin(lancet needles) instantly and simultaneously, * Soft touch and painless device to perform bleeding, * Reduce treatment time and adjustable lancing depth, * Effective in preventing high blood pressure and cerebral accident, * Apply on most acupoints or pressure points anywhere on the body, * Lightweight and strong material, * Compatible with most of Gauges