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Eye cool Mask

Product Code : ECM
Price : र 90.00
Size(L*W*H) : cm
Weight : gm
Quantity :

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This multipurpose eye cool mask relieves stress in just a few minutes! Compact and specially designed to suit every member of your family, this eye mask is a must for every home!

Use the mask to get rid of stress that could have accumulated due to long hours in front of the computer or TV or even lack of sleep




  • Can correct the vision of short-sight or far-sight no trouble of wearing glasses.
  • Can subside black eyes and wrinkles of eyes and keep eyes young and beautiful.
  • Can relieve fatigue and recover readily.
  • Can reduce the overburden of the brain,such as migraine insomnia neurosism etc.
  • Can be used to relieve a high fever by placing a cold multi-eye mask on the brow