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Jal Neti is a Yogic technique, which cures all diseases related to eyes, nose, throat and brain. The nose is the “air conditioner” of the body. One of the many functions of the nose is to regulate the temperature and humidity of the incoming air. Some people have “dry noses” and suffer dry, crusty, nosebleed type problems. Others have “wet noses”, with the constantly running sinuses and the tissues always up their sleeve! Others have perpetual stuffy and blocked nostrils. Regular practice of Jala Neti helps to establish the correct working environment of temperature and humidity in the nose. So, it’s wise to consider shedding your apprehension and trying this wonderful practice. As it happened with one person who came to me with complaints of blocked nose and frequent headaches I suggested Jal Neti, which was taught here in ashram and soon her aches and stuffed nose became a history. When one can relieve oneself from sinus related problems with as simple as nasal irrigation as it is being called in west, one doesn’t need pain killers and anti-allergic medicines. This technique has worked like miracle for scores of other people who have benefited from Jal Neti. Jal Neti is a process of cleansing the nasal path. The aim of the process is to purify the breathing path right from the nostrils to the throat. Besides being used to treat full-blown sinus infections, Jal Neti is perhaps the BEST preventive measure. Almost all of us can “sense” when we are about to catch a cold or an impending throat infection. But more frustrating is the “helplessness” or the inability to do anything about it as it takes over our defenses. It is here that Jal Neti really outscores everything else. Just flushing your ENT passages through neti a couple of times a day ensures that the infection does not take root and just passes by. The skin in the nasal path gets used to the osmotic pressure. Also, the organs get used to the different temperatures and can continue working without any disturbance. Well, to put it simply, Jala Neti is a cleansing practice of the sinus passages with warm saline water. Yogis have practiced it for centuries for its innumerable and powerful benefits. In yoga, it has been used for its extremely powerful physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. However, in the modern world – fed on an attitude of immediate gains – Jal Neti has gained immense popularity because of its dramatic effect on the sinuses.


1). Jal Neti helps solve the sinus infection and allergy problems without the use of drugs with immediate, immense and sustained results any without any side effects.

2). At the immediate level, Jal Neti is a great tool for any kind of respiratory disorder – sinusitis, allergy, asthma, hay fever to name a few. People invariably notice an immediate relief, which drugs fail to achieve. It helps to re-program the body’s natural mechanisms against respiratory complaints including sore throats, coughs, post-nasal drips etc.

3). Jal Neti rinses out the dirt and bacteria filled mucous lining as the warm water loosens and dissolves any internal build-ups, and takes them outwards.Due to gravity and a venture-effect, the sinus passages are also drained by the vacuum pressure flow of the water. Whereas it would normally be impossible to drain a “dead end” cavity like the sinuses, Jal Neti achieves this ingeniously and simply.

4). It can be of great benefit to problems associated with the eyes and ears such as certain types of deafness and myopia. But the great mental and spiritual effects overshadow these tremendous physical benefits.

5). Jal Neti has a cooling and soothing effect on the brain and is therefore beneficial for headaches, migraine, depression, mental tensions and even epilepsy, hysteria and temper tantrums. It stimulates better powers of visualization and concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.

6). On a higher plane, it is very effective for meditation as it works on the subtle effects of the olfactory bulb, and the psychic center, which is known as the Agya Chakra in yoga.

7). But the best part is that it is excellent for those trying to give up smoking. It reduces mouth breathing and re-sensitizes the nose to the indecency and discomfort of ingesting smoke, therefore de-programming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction.