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 Solar Setter/Pump


A large number of disorders/diseases of the human body are attributable to disturbance of the solar nervous plexus located below the navel in the abdomen. It is well known that a mere setting right of the solar plexus results in alleviating a majority of such disorders fully or partially. It is also seen in many cases that if the solar plexus is displaced, acupressure treatment is not effective. The importance of correcting the solar plexus can thus hardly be over emphasized. There are many methods of correcting a disturbed solar plexus. The solar setter/pump is one such effective and convenient device that is used to correct the disturbed solar plexus.


The patient should lie down on his/her back on a flat, hard surface with both legs touching and stretched. The arms should also be stretched and be resting on the sides of the body. The patient himself/herself or another person should then place the solar setter directly over the navel. To place the solar setter on the navel, press deeply the solar setter’s top closed, broader end with the fingers, thus allowing the air to escape out from the device and then gently put it on the abdomen in such a way that the center of the bowl is directly over the navel. The solar pump will now stay put in its place on its own and will gradually bring the displaced solar plexus in the center of the abdomen due to its vacuum action. As the displaced solar plexus keeps moving towards the center of the abdomen, the pressed rubber device will keep opening out gradually. Once the solar plexus is fully corrected, the solar setter will fall off on its own. If the solar setter does not fall off on its own within half an hour, it is unlikely that solar plexus will get corrected in one session and the exercise should be terminated for the day. To remove the solar setter, press one side of the abdomen with a finger, thus allowing air to rush into the device that will then fall off.

After the exercise is complete, the person should gradually turn the body to the Left and gradually get up. It is important to get up gradually to avoid re-displacement of the just corrected solar plexus. The exercise should be carried out daily till the solar plexus is firmly set in its correct position.


Never attempt to use the solar setter on a full stomach. The exercise is best done first thing in the morning on empty stomach after the routine ablutions.
Children below 8 years, very old and weak persons, abdomen surgery cases, umbilical hernia cases and pregnant ladies must not use the solar setter. There are other methods available to correct the solar plexus of such persons.
If the solar setter does not fall off on its own in the stipulated time, strictly follow the method to remove it from the abdomen as described above. Never attempt to pull off the solar setter from the abdomen as it may severely tear the abdominal skin in the process.