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What Is Feng Shui? Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment. In this way your space just feels good–and supports what you want out of life-whether it’s a better career, new romance, improved health, or more income. Feng Shui is not a meditation practice, a religion, or a New Age cult. Not too fast or too slow—just right! Feng Shui is based on the concept that everything in your environment has a life force or energy called “chi.” Just as chi flows through your body, chi also flows your through living environment. When the energy flow is stagnant (think clutter and overflowing closets), moves too quickly (think long dark hallways, stairs, and straight shots through the home), or is obstructed (think walls, trees, or even cars in the wrong place), the unbalanced chi may lead to ill health, domestic strife, or financial concerns. Feng Shui adjustments can help you make sure that the chi energy flow is just right so that everything in your environment supports your wish for good luck, good health, harmonious relationships, and prosperity. When did Feng Shui start? The practice of Feng Shui was developed in China over a 4,000-year period. Initially, people wanted to come up with principles that ensured their homes—and more importantly their tombs!—were placed in a location that offered shelter from winter storms, floods, and blazing heat. As the practice of Feng Shui developed, people also started to consider architectural features, from the placement of fireplaces, windows and doors, to gardens and landscaping. Using the Bagua The success of these principles led to the application of Feng Shui to indoor furnishings, including everything from sofas and pictures to dishes and art objects. Practitioners of Feng Shui developed the bagua, a Feng Shui map that indicates where in the home specific enhancements are to be applied. The bagua is placed over the floor plan of a home (or room) and shows the location of nine main areas of energy in every home: Helpful People/Travel, Children/Creativity, Relationships and Romance, Fame, Wealth, Family, and Self Development. The Feng Shui practitioner arranges the home to bring “good luck” to these areas and to make sure the chi flows smoothly so that each area on the bagua map is nurtured and energized. As part of arranging a home or business, traditional Chinese practitioners also include a complex mix of compass directions, birthdays of occupants, and Chinese astrology and cultural elements.
QUALIFICATIONS Secondary or Equal or Practical Experience.
AGE Minimum 18 years
SUBSCRIPTION $ 100 or INR 2400 & Local training charges will be extra.
BY CORRESPONDENCE You can take the course from your home even . We shall be sending you the study material (books, chart, instrument), on completion of your time duration, one written exam would be taken . Question paper along with an answer sheet shall be sent to you at your postal address & you have to return it duly filled for getting your certificate.
BY INTERNET You can complete this course by internet also. Institute can provide you the study material (Chapter wise ) on your E-Mail ID & you can clear your doubts through E-Mail.
DURATION Two Months for Correspondence & Internet.
NOTE NOTE: 1. You need to attach one latest passport size photograph, last education certificate, identity proof & experience certificate with the application form. 2. Fee can be paid via Cash or Cheque in “State Bank of India” Current Account No: 32551925192 with Name of ACUPRESSURE SANSTHAN  IFSC Code No. SBIN0005870 Branch- K.N. Nagar, Jodhpur. 3. If you wish to take Practical classes (for Internet & Correspondence) the facility is provided at our Jodhpur centre for three days on paying extra fee of rupees 800 (For India) & $ 50 (For foreign). 4. Charges for instruments, literature, chart & books will be extra for regular course other than the fees. 5Any dispute will be settled Jodhpur Jurisdiction only.

1. You can become therapist.

2. You can get job/service in any naturopathy hospital or alternative treatment therapy clinic.

3. It can help you in Acupressure profession.

4. You can help your family as well as others by treating them free of cost.

5. World health organization of Geneva has approved this system.

6. You can get an award, if your work is excellent in this field.

7. Earn additional income with your regular income.

8. Get yourself recognized in your society and command high respect.
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